Friday, January 9, 2009

How to Know Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz!

Breaking up with your lover can be a very painful experience especially if you still me him or her. You keep hoping that you and your ex will makeup and get back again and you feel like picking up the phone to call back your ex but before you do that you want to know does my ex still love me or not? Here are some does my ex still love me quiz you can use to know whether you should go and get your ex back.

1. Ask yourself who initiated the breakup: Was the breakup as a result of your actions or sayings,and did you initiate the breakup or was it your ex, answer this question sincerely.

2. Do you love him even more now that you are apart: what does the breakup do to you? do u miss your ex more than before or you don't miss him at all.

3.Do you miss his physical presence, his touch, his kisses, or even his laughter? answer yes or no.

4.How would you take it or how would you feel if you found out your ex was going out with someone else, will you take it lightly or you will feel hurt and jealous?

5. As a person will you be willing to develop areas in your life that your ex don't like, like a bad habit or a wrong attitude?
After answering most of these questions and if most of your answer is yes then you should know by now whether to get back you ex or not, depending on how you answer these same quiz above for him, if you think 70% of them is yes for your ex then go get him back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend-easy Tips That Work

Writing a love letters to your boyfriend is a good way of expressing your feelings and telling him how much you love him. Writing love letters doesn't have to be complicated in fact it is just like writing any other letter or piece of article. just write as you would talk to anybody and be sincere in you writings. Here is some easy format to follow when writing love letters to your boyfriend that gets his attention and love.

1. Simple language: When you are writing your love letter it is wise and advisable to use easy language that can be understood by almost anyone. Why you want to do this is because you wouldn't want to live your boyfriend confused or pondering about a particular grammar or word that you wrote and leave him trying to figure out its meaning. always use simple grammar and language in your letters.

2. Be passionate: If you want to get results from your love letters it will be wise to apply a little bit of passion in your writing and the way you express yourself, because reflecting your passions in your love letter will portray your level of love and care to your boyfriend which in turn ignites his own passion for you likewise. Be strong and be bold in your expressions this will reflect truth and sincerity to your boyfriend.

3. use flowery or poetic language: You don't have to be a poet or creative writer to write your love letter to your boyfriend using poetic or flowery language, just be romantic and use some flowery phrases like "you are the sugar in my tea", "our love", "my heart", etc use phrases like these here and there allover your letter and see how it will get the desired result
You can write your letter over and over again and proofread it so as to write the best love letter to your boyfriend. And you letter shouldn't be long either between 300-500 words will be ok.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Answers To Love In The Romance Horoscope

What most of us wouldn't give to know what the future has in store for us…our careers, our finances, and most especially – our love lives. For many, knowing what's around the corner for love can be more than intriguing; it can be downright titillating. So it's no surprise how popular the romance horoscope has become.

Such horoscopes map each individual's astrological sign and determine compatibility between two people in a relationship. The horoscope will map each person's astrological sign – including the details surrounding their birth – and compare it to their partner's – or prospective partner's - same information.

For those people who check their daily horoscope in the paper each morning before they leave the house, a romance horoscope is the natural next step in ensuring the solidity of their existing or future relationships. Today's horoscopes that focus on the chance of succeeding in love can be found in a variety of books found in bookstores as well as in a variety of online resources. There are, of course, a bevy of astrologists who make a living plotting the course of the Zodiac and how it affects every day life and the future of each person. Let's face it; ultimately, love should be fun – and horoscopes, whether you take them seriously or not, should be fun as well.

In short, in the Western world, our birth date corresponds with one of twelve Zodiac signs that are differentiated by a multitude of personality traits. A romance horoscope pairs Zodiac signs according to compatibility. Each sign clearly will have more than one astrological match; that's where love comes in to play.

Attraction and compatibility still thrive on their own – separate from the rules of the Zodiac. But a horoscope such as this gives couples – or prospective couples – inside information regarding what personality conflicts may arise in particular relationships. For instance, the bullheaded Taurus may come up against strife with an intense Scorpio; while the Aries and Leo couple strikes a harmonious balance in long term relationships.

For those serious about learning what effect their Zodiac sign will have on their romantic life, they can have a fully charted romance horoscope done detailing their specific information and the signs with whom they will be most compatible.

The universe is a mysterious place – the complex workings of which are difficult to understand. We may not fully comprehend how the laws of the Zodiac work but for those who believe, it can be an enormous tool.

Ultimately, a horoscope can simply give you insight into yourself – some information that you know, some of which you may have not been aware. But in either case, such information is really only a framework within which real life happens. Love is love. And when it happens we should all consider ourselves lucky.

In all likelihood, we are most often drawn to those people with whom we are compatible. But a romance horoscope can give you tools to understand the personality differences between you so that you can ultimately create the relationship of your dreams.

Zodiac Love Match - Can the Stars be Right?

As a somewhat older gentleman (but still fairly good looking and somewhat romantic?) I have always enjoyed good relationships with the younger folk – Oh! The times I have been called upon over recent years to inspect and give an opinion on some poor new prospective boyfriend.

Of course, it is somewhat flattering to be consulted for such advice by pretty young females. However, my opinions and comment are based more upon my experienced knowledge of the devious thinking of younger males (I once was one) rather than any psychic ability.

I have always held a very open mind to most matters and my sideline interest in psychic and astrology subjects has been generated more as result of relationships with members of the fairer sex who dally in such areas.

More recently, with time on my hands due to health reasons I tended to read more on the subject and, in particular, that of the compatibility of people under their different zodiac signs. So, out of simple curiosity I conducted a simple experiment.

I prepared two lists on which I set down the names of numerous males and females that I had known over the years - friends, lover's, business etc.

I then noted alongside each name my relationship with that person as Excellent-Excellent Romantic-Good or Average.
After this, I noted down where possible, each person’s birth date and Zodiac sign. I made many phone calls and researched many old dairies to complete this particular information.

An analysis of the lists threw up that, throughout my life, my most excellent relationships had been with Arian's, Leo's, Aquarian's, Geminis, Taurean's and Sagittarian's. Of these, my most Romantic 'Excellent relationships' had centred upon Leo's, Gemini's & Arian's plus, one very special sensual Scorpio.

Zodiac research indicated that the female Sagittarian offered the best compatibility choice for my sign of Aries; there were no Sagittarian female romances on my list of females.

There was however, one female at the beginning of my list. She dated way back to my lecherous youth and due to the haze of time I could not recall or remember her birthday.

As I sat one evening and reminisced back some 40 years to that time, I had to conclude, with a somewhat lecherous smile on my face, that this lady had to be the best and most exciting romantic relationship in my life to date. This was a young male older women relationship and a bit of a social no-no at that time. Might turn it into an Ebook one day entitled – 'Lady Sagittarian's Lover' or something similar.

My curiosity gained the better of me and I set to work to trace her and in time managed to locate her surviving son. From him I gained her birthday to discover she had indeed been a Sagittarian.

Can the stars be right? I don’t really know. I can say however that in my case, without doubt, that lovely Sagittarian lady of so long ago was indeed the most exciting romantic activity of my life to date.

Who knows, there may yet still be another fantastic Sagittarian girl out there for this optimistic older Arian? Although one of a little lesser vitality than that exciting Sagittarian princess of so long ago.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dating Tips - 7 Ways to Look More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

There are many ways you can make yourself more attractive. First and foremost you have to work on your physical appearance! It takes only a few seconds to form a first impression, so how you look to the other person plays a very important part in how he or she feels about you initially.
These are 7 ways to improve your appearance, do not belittle their importance as how you look often comes in an overall package.
1) Get a suitable hair cut
For women, if you are wearing your hair long, it does not mean you can ignore it for years! As it is growing longer, there may be uneven lengths that may make you look untidy. You will be surprised at how a simple trim can do wonders to how you look. Men are usually most attracted to hair that are smooth and silky and long enough for them to run their fingers through.
For men, keeping it short is usually the easiest. If you are not suited for long hair, do not attempt to keep it long as it will only make you look sloppy. If you are balding, you may consider shaving it off totally for a cooler look.
2) Watch your weight
If you have always wanted to lose that extra flab, put it into action now. How good you feel about yourself often rubs off on someone else and makes you seemingly more attractive. Men are often attracted first to women who are slim but have curves at the right proportions. Having a figure of an apple is not going to put you on his radar. Women too, are guilty of drooling over men with six pack abs than those with a pot belly. Watching your weight reflects the fact that you still make an effort to take care of your own body and health and that can give the other person a better impression.
3) Get rid of hair at the wrong places
A man usually doesn't like a woman to have hair more than he does, except the hair on her head. So if you have unwanted hair on your face, underarms, your legs, etc, do something about it. The same goes for men too, if you have nose hair coming out of your nostrils, it would be a huge distraction to the person you are talking to. These are all part of personal grooming and if left ignored, could appear as a huge turn-off for the opposite sex.
4) Clean fingernails or toenails at an appropriate length
Fingernails that are filthy say a lot about you. You may give the other person an impression that you do not bother about your personal hygiene at all. If you are not sure how to take care of your nails, go for a proper manicure. For women, you can also put on nail polish for a sexier look.
5) Your teeth and your smile
How your teeth look often affects your smile. If you are missing a tooth, consider fixing the gap. It can be quite shocking to see a beautiful person exposing unsightly teeth when they smile or laugh. If you have crooked teeth, you can consider going for orthodontic treatment to correct it while you are young. It is a worthwhile investment to make that really improves how you look!
6) Update your wardrobe
If you have a wardrobe as dated as yourself, it's time to pick up some new clothes. A wise choice is to get classic and timeless pieces that you can mix and match. Check out fashion magazines and stores for the latest trends, but do not follow them blindly. If in doubt, ask the salespeople for advice on stocking up your new wardrobe.
7) Match your accessories
Accessories like shoes, jewelery, belts, etc, can make a huge difference to what you are wearing, but don't overdo the bling effect. Too much of these are distracting and a turn-off if they look cheap. Sometimes, less is classy, and having the appropriate piece can make you look like a million bucks.
Trying to impress the opposite sex is often as simple as knowing what works for yourself. When you feel good about how you look, you will naturally exude the charm and attractiveness that you have been looking for.
Angela is an active love coach in her community and a writer for a wedding blog.
She shares more tips about love and dating at

How to Make Him Chase You - Dating Advice for Women

If you're a single woman, you've heard the advice that playing hard to get is always the way to go. Even in today's dating world, that advice has a lot of truth to it. We all know that men love the thrill of the chase and if you want to get and keep the man of your dreams you have to be willing to make him work to gain your affection. If you want to make him chase you, you need to understand exactly how to balance igniting his interest with being a little aloof.
There's been a lot of talk in the inner circles of single women about the benefit of being a bit standoffish when you first start seeing a man. Although you don't want to come across as being disinterested, you do want to create the illusion that you aren't at his beck and call. This means you should not always be available when he wants to see you and you should be a bit mysterious about what your plans are. Don't overtly say that you are seeing someone else, but hold back some details. You might want to tell him that you are having dinner with a friend. If you want to make him chase you, you must not appear too eager. This is one rule you simply can't ignore.
One mistake that many women make when they are trying to establish a deeper connection with a man they are interested in is they become intimate with him very quickly. Obviously the man isn't going to complain, but in his mind he may be wondering if this is your normal behavior and if every man you date gets the same treat. You don't want to come across as a tease, but it's a very good idea to hold off on the intimacy until you've let him chase after you a bit. If you give him everything up front, the pursuit of your affection becomes much less interesting to him. Enjoy his company, but don't take things to the next level too soon.
Don't put on a false front if you want to make him chase you. Some women think they need to embellish details of their lives in order to get a man interested. This approach will almost always backfire on you. You need to relax and completely be yourself when you are with him. Don't stifle any part of your personality and don't try and be something you're not. A man is interested in the real woman, not the woman you wish you were.
If you have your heart set on a certain man, there are things you can do that will make him feel compelled to spend time with you. If you are convinced he is the one find out what steps you need to take to make him feel helplessly drawn to you. For more helpful tips and a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this
Helpful Site!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Growing old in health,love and wealth is the burning desire of many who believe in the wonderful institution called marriage.even as many couples desire to enjoy a fulfill old age together,irresponsibility to self and others around you,lack of discipline,lack of focus due to circumstances of life has caused many to live short of this glamorous need knowledge and understanding to live and enjoy a successful marriage or relationship.through knowledge and understanding you will be able to handle matters in your relationships or marriage.
Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it well.The truth is that until you actualize your knowledge into practice in other words doing is the key to access benefit.God want us to build the kind of relationships and marriages that will stand the test of time.i believe that your reading excerpts from a book titled build to last by Kenneth hagin jr will add the missing link in your relationship or marriages.

Marriage is setup or entered into to help two people,do together in unity what one of them cannot do alone ie they are expected to be friends first,then lovers and partners in is designed to bring increase to their lives.there is a saying that behind every successful man there is a woman,where you are today is a contribution of your wife or husband.
Establish a relationship that is based on communication and mutual respect. What is wrong in most marriages or relationship is basically because most couples don't communicate at all, they live as strangers and that, will not be beneficial to any of them in the end.
I know of a couple who have been in marriage for about forty years now and when asked in a interview what was the secret to their being in marriage for so long they said: neither of us has ever made a major purchase without the other agreeing to it first,we never contradict each other in front of the children,and when we quarrel we do it in privacy and never allow any third party input,we do a lot of talking you know he said laughing!
This is a couple having mutual understanding concerning everything in their lives and respecting their selves too.But in reality the heart of success in any relationship or marriage is sound communication between is vital in any relationship that the couple sit down to discuss issues as it relates to them ie their likes and dislikes so as to foster more understanding and closeness with each other.
Sadly enough there are many couples that cannot sit down today to say one or two sentences without being at each others throat.A good communication between couples is one that they are able to express themselves truthfully without holding anything back,and not being offended by the others response :saying i am right and he/she is wrong but be able to listen and agree to change his/her attitude so as to accommodate the other and live in respect and understanding with each other.if this can be done then you are on your way to enjoying a great lasting relationship.
Although some men are too macho to admit that they are wrong.A man who walks on the emotions of the wife and does not listen to her complains is actually weak.

The more you start developing your relationship or marriage the closer and more intimate you and your spouse becomes .Even though lasting marital success is becoming rare you have to work and build yours, to enjoy and experience a truly fulfilled life and marriage with you wife or husband .
So give it all it takes and success shall be yours